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We have, since 2008, well expanded our presence in various aspects, from industrial, light industrial products to agricultural ones, in different countries, including Korea, EU, Middle East, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Indonesia.

Why our products

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When it comes to automatic voltage switchers, inverters, protectors or batteries, welding machines, it comes to AFA Vietnam. Our products have been distributed to over 40 countries in Asia, America, Europe and Africa.

Selecting the right finishes should be essential for your dream works, no matter if it is a house or an office. At AFA Vietnam, we offer a wide range of ceramic tiles, timber from natural forests in Africa and Europe to make all works impressive, luxurious and elegant.

We have handled big volume orders of rice, cashew nuts, and coffee with short lead-time at high quality complying with buyers’ specifications. European and African countries are the major markets with our regular agricultural shipments.

Vietnam is always well-known for qualight light industrial products at a very good price. So, should you need one of these products, from T-shirt to wood pellets, contact us. Our supply capacity is unlimited.